Have you ever lost a sock? If you are like many people I know you may have a pile/basket/sack, of single socks that have lost their mate in the world. The Museum of Socks serves as a place to house these lonely socks.  Each sock will be tagged, catalogued, displayed in the museum where they will be held until a match is found. At this point the sock will be removed from the museum and given to the person who has discovered the match. In the event the person with the matching sock is not the original owner, there will be an opportunity for information to be exchanged so the two people can meet.

You might be surprised by what you have in common with someone beyond just a matching sock. This opens up the question of whether or not a matching sock is a legitimate reason to have a connection with someone. In this day and age we are literally connected to most of the modern world by the things we carry around in our pockets. You can send an e-mail to a pen pal in Portugal, post a picture on one of the various social media platforms for anyone to see, and play a game of scrabble with someone you’ve never met – all within the a course of 10 minutes or so. So what makes these connections legitimate? The Internet is a great unifier, and there are a lot of lonely socks out there. If humans can find matches online, why can’t their socks?